Friday, 15 April 2011

Soft Subject Training 2011

 Year-long co-curricular Programme

10 Vidyalayas; Total beneficiaries 2611
Aiming at emotional development with soft skills,,
Training in soft subjects is going on in 10 VKVs at Tinsukia (Vocal, Kathak, Satriya, Tabla, Guitar, Synthesizer, Mandolin, Weaving & Karate) , Dibrugarh (Khol, Guitar, Sitar, Tabla, Satriya & Vocal), Umrangso (Karate), Bokuloni (Vocal, Fine Arts & Tabla), Assam University Campus (Silchar) (Fine Arts, Kathak & Karate), Baragolai (Satriya, Tabla & Vocal), Doyang (Nagaland) (Tabla, Violin, Vocal & Arts), Ramnagar (Silchar) (Fine Arts Vocal, Kathak, Tabla & Karate), Badarpur (Tabla, Kathak, Rabindra Nritya, Vocal & Fine Arts) and Tingrai (Vocal, Tabla, & Fine Arts). it is believed that this type of training not only trains up students in honing their skills in various performing and aesthetic art forms, but also develops their emotional intelligence considered much valuable in any academic or professional career in particular and life in general.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Acharya Prashikshan Shibirs April 2011

Towards effective implementation of CCE in primary classes

1st camp: 7th-9th APril 2011 at VKV Tinsukia; Participants:85

2nd camp: 10th-12th June 2011 at VKV Ramnagar (Silchar); Participants: 35

3rd camp: 24th-26th June 2011 at VKV (NEEPCO) Bokuloni; Participants: 30

The camps were organised especially for the primary teachers for the effective implementation of CCE as per the guidelines of CBSE. The camps were conducted as per the following scheme: 1st Camp: for VKVs at Tinsukia, Dibrugarh, Tingrai and Sivasagar; 2nd camp: for VKVs at Umrangso (NEEPCO), Ramnagar (silchar), AUC Silchar and Badarpur; and 3rd camp: for VKVs at Baragolai (NEC), Bokuloni (NEEPCO), Tezpur and a few other Vidyalayas supported by VKSPV.

A few experienced and senior VKV teachers were the resource persons in these camps. 

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Monday, 4 April 2011

Teachers Orientation Camp April 2011


1st camp: 1st-4th April, 2011; 3 more camps: April-May 2011

participants: over 200 teachers of vKvs & other schools

Towards effective implementation of CCE

4 Teachers' Orientation Camps (TOC) were held at VKV Tinsukia in the period reviewed. The first TOC was meant for the teachers dealing with middle and secondary classes in VKVs. 112 teachers with 14 members of the organising team participated in the Shibir. 3 senior faculties from Cheeranjeev Bharati School, Gurgaon Ms. Shukla Das (PGT, Maths), Ms. Shailini Jerath (PGT, History) and Ms. Anju Badhwar (TGT, Social Science) were invited as resource persons. The focus of this Shibir was on proper planning for effective execution of the educational reforms brought in by CBSE through implementation of continuous and comprehensive Evaluation (CCE). The other Teachers' Orientation Camps held at VKV Tinsukia mainly focused on educating and orienting the teachers dealing with the Primary Classes towards the CCE scheme. VKV Tinsukia was chosen as the venue for these camps as the Vidyalaya has made significant progress in implementing the CCE scheme in the Primary Section so far.

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