Tuesday 14 July 2009

Summer Workshop July 2009

A bustling summer Workshop teeming with science enthusiasts

6-14 July 2009, Jnana Probodhini Prashala, Pune

Participating VKVs: 11, Students: 29, Teachers: 11

A select group of students with a bent for science was given an opportunity to attend a workshop on scientific model making at Jnana Probodhini Prashala, Pune during the Summer Vacation in July 2009. All of them highly benefited from the workshop as they imbibed new ideas and concepts. Their interaction with the learned scholars of the institutions such as Jnana Probodhini, Vigyan Ashram, IUCAA (Inter University Centre for Astronomy & Astrophysics) etc. was truly rewarding. Science Clubs formed by the participants of the workshop as its follow-up have been function well since increasing participation of students of various age groups. 

Ref URL : http://www.vkspv.org/report/2009-july/summer-workshop-july-2009

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