Sunday 20 September 2009

Educational Audit Workshop September 2009

At different points of time; VK Kanyakumari, VKIC Guwahati, VK Tezpur, VKVs in Nalbari, Dibrugarh and Golaghat.

Introspcting and dispassionately analyzing every educational process,,,

Reorienting itself towards its twin goals of ‘man making-nation building’ being the crying need, VKSPV embarked on the introspection and dispassionate analysis of its educational activities stretching over 30 years since its inception in a workshop aptly termed as 'Educational Audit'. The ultimate aim of the audit is to streamline educational and  administrative processes to meet the organizational objective. In view of this, for over two years now different workshops have been organised at different points of time for different groups comprised of stakeholders of the VKVs viz. parents, well wishers, teachers, principals and VKSPV members. Sri Shirish Joshi, Management Consultant, Pune is the mainstay of the entire programme of Educational Audit.

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