Tuesday 15 June 2010

Principals Meetings June 2010

13th-15th June 2010 at VKV Tinsukia

7th -9th November 2010 at VKV Dibrugarh

participants inclusive of principals, vice Principals & Adhikaris: 24 at VKV Tinsukia; 26 at VKV Dibrugarh.

Stressing academic excellence, higher community involvement and nationalistic education,,

Two Principals' Meetings were conducted in the period under review. Besides discussing  various academic, administrative and organisational affairs, important decisions were taken for the smooth functioning of the vidyalayas in the meetings. Much emphasis was laid academic excellence, higher community involvement and nationalistic education. Working with respect (Shraddha), orientation to the higher ideals, Poorva Niyojan (Planning in advance) and poorna Niyojan (Detailed Planning) were also a few significant aspects that were taken up in the meetings.

Ref URL : http://www.vkspv.org/report/2010-june/principals-meetings-june-2010

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