Thursday, 16 June 2011

Extension Programme June 2011

 25th-29th April 2011 at VKV Golaghat, 6th-10th June 2011 at VKV Tingrai and 13th -16th June 2011 at VKV Dibrugarh.

Participants: 155 (120 VKVians & 35 Others)

Educating youths about basic technology, rural economy and entrepreneurship,,

6 youths from Moran were sent to a 3-month training camp on Introduction to Basic Technology (IBT) at Vijnan Ashram, Pune. After successful completion of the training, they conducted three workshop at Golaghat, Tingrai and Dibrugarh. Besides a cow-based rural economy programme was conducted at Moran from 12th to 16th March 2010 by a team of resource persons from Shantikunj, Haridwar. After the workshop VKSPV sent 3 youths to Shantikunj for a training in rural technology.

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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Students Achievements in Academics


Success of VKVians in academic pursuits has been always appreciable. Following are a few representative statistics:

A total of 22 students under VKSPV set-up passed AISSE-2011 with CGPA 10 (i.e. Grade A1 in all the subjects); 7 from VKV Nalba ri, 4 each from VKV (NEEPCO) Bokuloni and VKV Golaghat,

3 from VKV Dibrugarh, 2 from VKV (NEEpco) umrangso and 1 each from VKV (NEC) Baragolai and VKV Dhemaji.

VKV Dibrugarh has been honoured with the Best Performance Award for its brilliant performance in lnternational Olympiad of Mathematics 2010 and also for its meticulous planning and execution of the Olympiad that was organised by the Mathematics Olympiad Foundation. Two students of the vidyalaya received a gold and a silver medal. VKV (NEEPCO) Bokuloni: Kr. Deepjyoti Gogoi (VI) secured above 80% score in the Talent Search Examination and received cash award.

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