Thursday 16 June 2011

Extension Programme June 2011

 25th-29th April 2011 at VKV Golaghat, 6th-10th June 2011 at VKV Tingrai and 13th -16th June 2011 at VKV Dibrugarh.

Participants: 155 (120 VKVians & 35 Others)

Educating youths about basic technology, rural economy and entrepreneurship,,

6 youths from Moran were sent to a 3-month training camp on Introduction to Basic Technology (IBT) at Vijnan Ashram, Pune. After successful completion of the training, they conducted three workshop at Golaghat, Tingrai and Dibrugarh. Besides a cow-based rural economy programme was conducted at Moran from 12th to 16th March 2010 by a team of resource persons from Shantikunj, Haridwar. After the workshop VKSPV sent 3 youths to Shantikunj for a training in rural technology.

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