Saturday 25 June 2016

Ganit Prajna Samvardhan

Ganit Prajna Samvardhan, an appreciation and exposure programme for the achievers of GPP-2016 was organised at VKIC,Guwahati from 25 June 2016 (Saturday) to 27 June 2016 ( Monday). The day started with Pratahsmaran & Yoga Abhyas. A total of 40 students from 20 VKVs and 21 escort teachers were present in the 3 days programme.

Session I (Inaugural) by Dr. Hemanta Sharma,Professor, Dept of Mathematics, Guwahati University.Prof. Hemanta Sharma has emphasised the application of mathematics in real life situations. He has demonstrated that how the problems of various situations can be solved by using Mathematics.

Session –II by Sri Arun Kr. Mahanta, Asst. Professor, Dept of Mathematics , Kaliabor College.

Sri. Arun Kumar Mohanta has briefed the history of Indian Mathematicians and their influence in the field of Mathematics at world level right from Aryabatta to Srinivas Ramanujan and related that the modern mathematics is an extract as well as origin of the Veda Ganit . He unfolded the importance of Vedic Mathematics and also taught some addition ,subtraction and multiplication using vedic mathematics . The students felt the multiplication of numbers by the application of Vedic Mathematics is easy as well as quick.

Session- III by Sri. Nabakanta Sharma, Assistant Professor,Dept. Of Mathematics, Assam University,Silchar

Sri Nabakanta Sharma had thrown a light on the solution to various questions from syllabus of class VI and VII in a different variety which is easy to understand and solve. He illustrated some examples using the application of Vedic Mathematics.

 The programme started with Manglacharan at 5:30 pm. Prof. Gautam Biswas , Director , IIT Guwahati graced as chief guest where as Dr. Amarjyoti Choudhury , former Vice-Chancellor of Guwahati University, presided over the programme. A renowned mathematician and inspiring educationist Prof. Jyoti Prasad Medhi also blessed the students.

Dr. Shovarani Sarma, Pranth Pramuk, VK, Assam welcomed all the guests and expressed the working pattern of Vivekananda Kendra as whole and its objectives. Ma. Pravin Dabholkar, Joint General Secretary, VK Kanyakumari had accentuated the objective of Ganit Prajna Samvardhan. He also introduced the guests who attended this programme “ Kusum &Laxmi Kant Nimgoankar Annual award for Proficiency in Mathematics.”Felicitation of Prof. Jyoti Prasad Medhi by VKSPV: On this perfect platform of Ganit Pragyan Samvardhan , Prof. Jyoti Prasad Medhi was felicitated with salen sadar for his exordinary contribution in the field of mathematics and statistics. He blessed all the participants and lauded the contribution of the great Indian Mathematician Srinivas Ramanujan and appealed every one should read the life of Ramanujan and his contribution.

On the occesion, chief guest of the day Dr. Gautam Biswas, Director, IIT Gawahati , said that one must have scientific vigour and curiosity to learn . Learning mathematica is all together a great experience and one must enjoy the subject- Mathematics.

Prof. Amarjyothi Chowdhury inspired with his words of wisdom. He said when one goes for higher studies, it’s very difficult to identify the subjects Mathematics and Physics separately. He also encouraged that the country needs more and more mathematician and Scientists.

The budding Mathematicians were inspired by the very presence of Dr. Smita Deshpande and Sri Abhijit Nimgaonkar & his family from Gurgaon, Hariana. In fact the whole process is initiated with the motivation from the Nimgaonkar Family.

Visits on 26th June, 2017

Visit 1 :- Regional Science Centre, Khanapara, Guwahati guided by Sri Gyanjyoti Sharma, Vice Principal, R.G. Baruah College, Guwahati

Students were taken to Regional Science Centre, Khanapara and they enjoyed the 3D show and super cold show in which the experiments with nitrogen were demonstrated. Apart from that students experienced various scientific exhibitions and working models. They saw the various living creatures.

Visit 2 :- Gawahati Planetarium:- At 3 pm, students had an opportunity to visit Planetarium and watched the show in which the knowledge of the universe has been imparted .

Visit 3 :- Balajee Temple Complex - At 5 pm, students visited Balajee Temple complex and offered puja to Lord Balajee ( Venkatesh), Goddess Durga and Goddess Padmaavati (Laxmi) and performed the devotional bhajan sessions in the premise of the Temple.

On the 3rd day, 27 June 2016

Session –IV:- Sri Gautam Saha, Director, Concept Education & Sri Chinmay Dey, Senior faculty,Concept Education, Guwahati.They basically dealt with the concept of infinity and taught some tricks using numbers. All the students were involved in the learning.

Session V Sri B.M. Naidu, Vice-principal, VKV Dibrugarh and Sri Bijan Saha, Principal,VKV Borojelenga.

Sri B .M.Naidu had tried to teach the various concepts of Maths and inculcate in them the power of logical thinking with stories and examples. Similarly Sri. Bijan Saha had worked out to teach some puzzles which will help the students to understand some mathematical concept.

Valedictory Programme : 27 June16 at 2.30pm

The valedictory programme was graced by Sri Nageswaran, a retd. Engineer from BITS Pilani, Sri Rupesh Mathur, Pranta Sangathak, VK Arunachal Pradesh and Sri Suvan Sett, Administrative Co-ordinator, VKSPV. Students and teachers shared their experiences regarding the programme. Sri Nageswaran ji inspired the students to learn the beauty of Maths. Sri Rupesh ji urged the students to become the idealyouths of Swamiji. The programme concluded with shanti mantra followed by Kendra Prarthana.

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