Friday 10 June 2016

Workshop on Vedic Mathematics for Teachers

After the successful completion of the Ganit Prajna Samvardhan - The Appreciation and Exposure programme for the Achievers of Ganit Prajna Pariksha 2015-16, at Guwahati, you all must be preparing for an appreciation programme for a couple of hours in respective schools in order to motivate the students preparing for  GPP 2016-17. AS PER THE SUGGESTED GUIDE LINE PROVIDED.

Normally vacations are opportunities for all of us i.e. the teaching faculty  to enrich & update ourselves with new knowledge, learning,  ideas, innovations etc. in the field of academics and administration. So we all must be planning to do that wherever we move during the  coming summer vacation.

We are hereby pleased to inform you that, a Vedic Ganita Workshop has been planned for our Mathematics teachers. 

Details of the workshop  follow here -

Venue; VKSPV /  VKIC, Guwahati.

Date of Workshop: 21 to 23 July 2016

Reporting: 20 July on or before 7.00 pm.

Departure : 23 July 2014 afternoon (by3.30 pm.)


1. To create awareness about glorious history of Indian Mathematics. 

2. To introduce basic techniques of Vedic Mathematics in Arithmetic and Algebra. 

3. Helping teachers in order to help students for using Vedic Maths for faster calculations and in problem solving. 


1. Mathematics Teachers  (Preferably teaching in middle and secondary level) in VKVs of Assam, Nagaland and Arunachal Pradesh. Interested 

2.Interested teachers from like minded organisations. 

Medium: English / Hindi. 

Lets motivate our teachers for participation in the same and send their names before closing the schools for summer vacation. 

Sri B. M. Naidu, Vice Principal VKV Dibrugarh will coordinate among the schools for the may be sent to him at Mob no. 9435984799