Monday 14 November 2016

5Th Srimanta Sankardev Natya Samaroh 2016

To develop Swami Vivekananda’s philosophy of Education, strengthen the learning of life-skill and the inner qualities of students, Vivekananda Kendra Shiksha Prasar Vibhag (VKSPV) organizes different programmes for the students and teachers of Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalayas (VKVs) of Assam and Nagaland. This year 5th Srimanta Sankardev Natya Samaroh (SSNS), An One Act Play competition, was organized by VKSPV, Guwahati from 11 to 13 November 2016 at the venue Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya Nalbari.

Total Participant Team: 19 Vidyalayas

Total Participants : Boy : 88 Girls: 78

Teachers : Brothers: 43 Sisters: 22

Total : 231

Paticipating School: VKV Tingrai, Golaghat, Bokuloni, Dhemaji, Suklai, Ramnagar, Majuli, Umrangso, Sadia, Dibrugarh, Kajalgaon, Badarpur, Baragolai, Tezpur, Sivsagar and Borojalenga, Nalbari, Tinsukia and Doyang.

DAY 1: 10 November ( UDGHATAN SAMAROH )

5th SSNS’s Udghatan Samaroh (Inauguration Programme) held on 10 November in the Campus of VKV Nalbari with 800 audiences. Chief Guest for the programme was Hon. Sri Dipok kr Barthakur, Vice Chairman, State Planning Board, Govt. of Assam, Guest of Honour was Sri Anant Gyani(IAS, Deputy commissioner). Special Guest was Sri Upakul Bordoloi, Actor and Director (Assamese Film). Mananeeya Sri Pravin Dabholkar, Secretary VKSPV blessed the occasion and given a proper direction for the success of the Samaroh. Flag hoisting, Balloon release, Band display of the participants, Cultural staging by the students followed by the speeches of the distinguished guests.

DAY 2 to 4: 11-13 November 2016

Everyday 8 teams used to perform. The drama competition started at the venue Natya Mandir Nalbari exactly at 9:30 a.m. every day with the performances of eight(8) teams. The judges for the programs were: Sri Dwijen Nath, Sri Niranjan Bhuyan, , Sri Rajib Kro, and Smt Reeta Devi, all are popular playwright and actor/director of Assam.


Evening 3 pm onward the SAMAPAN SAMAROH was started in the VKV Nalbari Campus.

The Chief Guest was :

Hon. Sri Ranjeet Kumar Dass, Speaker, Legislative Assembly Assam.

The Guest of honour was :

Hon. Sri Sanjib Das, Regional Officer, CBSE, Guwahati and

Special Guest was Manaeeya Sri M. HanumantharaoJi, Treasurer, Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari


The prizes were distributed by Sri Sanjib Das, Mananeeya Meera Didi, Prant Sangathak , VK Assam Prant and Sri R.N. PathakJi, Office In-charge VKSPV Guwahati.

After the programme the Flag of the Natya Samaroh was brought down and handed it over to VKV kajalgaon by Maneeya HanumantharaoJi, for conducting the 6th Srimanta Sankardev Natya Samaroh next!

Important Follow up Actions :

DVDs containing performance of all the Dramas were done and distributed to the teams on the concluding day.

A compilation of all the scripts by schools in a Book format is planned so as to get reference and collection of dramas in future.

A Video Clip of every prize winners were arranged immediately on the concluding day and displayed at the time of prize distribution.


BEST DRAMA: 1st : Eti Rangeen Sadhu Kathare, VKV Tezpur

2nd : Swapone Dithake, VKV Tinsukia

3rd : Kurukhetrat Khelimeli, VKV Bokuloni

BEST COSTUMES: “ Biswakh” VKV Sivsagar

BEST SETTINGS: “Manuhe Manuhor Babe” VKV Baragolai

BEST ACTOR: 1st: Swarnav Deb in “NANDA HABA” VKV Borojalenga

2nd: Debojit Kalita in “O phul o phul nufula kio” VKV Nalbari

3rd: Saoumadeep Dutta in “Samarohor Savapoti” VKV Dibrugarh

BEST ACTOR: 1st: Akhit Nayan Gogoi “Ovotonir Srotere Mahabharatoloi” VKV Golaghat

( Supporting Role) 2nd: Nabaranjan Haloi “ Kurukhetrat khelimeli” VKv Bokuloni

3rd: Vidyasagar Rai “ Nanda Haba” VKV Barajalenga

BEST ACTRESS: 1st: Dulitora Baruah “Kurukhetrat Khelimeli” VKV Bokuloni

2nd: Prasansa Dutta “ Swapone dithake” VKV Tinsukia

3rd: Sampriti Barthakur “Manuhe Manuhor Babe” VKV Baragolai

BEST ACTRESS: 1st : Angarika Batsah “Manuhe Manuhor Babe” VKV Baragolai

(Supporting Role) 2nd : Ansumoni Gogoi “Dangar Manuh ” VKV Sadia

3rd : Nirmali Khaklari “Seujia Ghar” VKV Tingrai


GROUP : “Gohali Gharar Doordarshan” VKV kajalgaon

ACTOR : Gunjan Ekachari Deori in “ Ethan Phuklacho” VKV Doyang

ACTRESS : Ritika Das in “Hingshuti” VKV Badarpur

RUNNING TROPHY: (introduced this year by Smt Jeetamoni Bordoloi Mohan of VKV Tinsukia in memory of her father : “Swargiya SISIR BORDOLOI Trophy”)

Awarded to : VKV Tezpur (for Best Drama Team)