Friday 27 October 2017

Geeta Jnana Yagna


The Principal


As you aware that Geeta Jnana Yagna will be organised at school level as given in the VKSPV Annual Calendar (30 November)2017-18. The 17th chapter of Bhagavad Geeta has been selected for this year.

Already recording of 17th chapter send to all the vidyalayas so that everybody can chant in same tune. Slokas have been  prescribed for different groups are as follows :

Group A  (KG to II)  Slokas 1 to 6

Group B  (III to VI )  Slokas 1 to 12

Group C  (VII to X)   Slokas 1 to 28

You can make 4 members group (suppose in each section 9 or 10 groups) and first class wise competition and lastly on Geeta Jayanti Day final competition can be conducted (Individual competition also will be there.)
Please try to see that maximum number of students participated in it.From now on wards in the Assembly you can start practice so that everybody can learn chanting slokas. Our Sanskrit teacher should take initiative in this matter.

Sincerely yours,

R. N. Pathak
Office In-charge