Thursday 12 October 2017

Workshop on House Keeping Management.

We are very much delighted to review the 3 days training programme on House Keeping Management held at VKV-Sivasagar, Assam from 12/Oct/2017 to 14/Oct/2017 with the initiatives of Vivekananda Kendra and it's wing VKSPV, with a total participants of 26 karyakartas of 8 different schools including Guwahati Kendra workers. The participants schools were namely, VKV-Dibrugarh (Host), VKV-Tingrai, VKV-Golaghat, VKV-Tinsukia, VKV-Sivasagar, VKV-Dhemaji, VKV-Majuli, VKV-Sadiya. The main attraction of the camp was Kimaya Didi who came all the way to Dibrugarh from Belgaum, Karnataka to impart the training's with utmost care & coordination to make the camp a successful one. Both the practical as well as theory based training on the topic was being imparted to all of us. The camp was attended by the most of the senior personnel's from the Vkendra as an organizing body as a whole. Among-st them were 1) Shri Ravindranath Savdeykar 2) Meera Didi 3) Pranami Didi 3) Shri Kamalakant'ji and many more.

The camp was inaugurated by Meera Didi with a short speech and self introduction by the participants to all.All the participants were divided into 5 groups, namely Yudhistira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula & Sahadeva. There was a brief introduction from the Vkendra's Senior dignitaries including Pranami Didi also.
The first session of the training was started at 3 pm after lunch. A camera shot details page of the camp agenda is enclosed herewith for your kind references.The camp started every morning at 5.15 am with Pratasmarana & Kendra's Prarthana followed by Bhajans and Suryapranam, yoga etc.

In the evening we had a bhajan sandhya everyday.We were also acquainted with the Sanskara Varga from Dibrugarh, who presented a couple of bhajans very beautifully. Many bhajans were also presented by Anita Didi, Viren Da and a few Karyakartas in the Bhajan Sandhya session. Meera Didi on 13/Oct/2017 taught us the the basic things of Kendra Prarthana, AkyaMantra and others & lead us to follow those with proper pronunciation and chanting with sincerity.

On 13/Oct/2017, Shri Kamalakant'ji presented a brief insight on house  keeping and discussed the sole motto of "Man making & Nation building" as Vkendra's main objective to adhere with.On the same day Shri Kalyan Das'ji (Associate Director-VKIC) discussed the valuable side of the house keeping as a part of our day to day life in front of all of us.

The camp was concluded on 14/Oct/2017 at 11 am. On the concluding day Smt. Pranami Didi took the lead in concluding session and welcomed two of the participants Shri Ratikant'ji from VKV-Tinsukia & Shri Kanchan Upadhaya, a hindi teacher of VKV-Dhemaji to share their fruitful experiences as a feedback of the camp. We were fortunate enough to have Dr.Kunjalata Didi (Dibrugarh Nagar Sangathak) as our respected guest & speaker, who elaborated us the beauty of cleanliness & house keeping as a part of nature and livelihood as a whole. It was a worthy noting her simple speeches which touched our heart and mind for retention. The session was finally concluded with a beautiful presentation of speeches by Kimaya Didi, the guest trainer of the House Keeping Camp.
This camp was a very satisfactory and beneficial for all of us.
Being participants we could learn the following things individually from the workshop in both theory and practical pertaining to workability & its adherences......
1) Maintenances of Toilet, Bathrooms, Urinal, etc.
2) Maintenances & Management of Kitchens, Stores, Mess, Cooking and Purchases.
3) Cleanliness & Maintenance of school campus, household or any establishment as a whole.
4) Office environment and cleanliness.
5) Receiving & welcoming guests, maintenance of guest rooms and hospitality.
6) Repairing, renovation, constructions, maintenance and follow up of the school and its campus.
Such type of workshops on house keeping awareness camps are really very beneficial for the society and household as a whole and a need of the time.The house keeping management is a vast subject. It is very easy to think about, but very tuft and difficult to render it and adhered to in consistent manner.In my opinion, cleanliness is deeply rooted in the nature of an individual and blessed are those who accomplish it consistently.