Saturday 8 June 2019

Matri pooja at VKV Badarpur 2019

 VKV Badarpur has organsed Matri-Pitri Puja, where all the students and parents of class- VIII, IX & X were   invited to participated in the Programme. The programme started at 10:00AM with the washing of the feet of   father and mother by their child. In the first-half the Matri-Pitri Puja was there. Students offered flowers at the   feet of their parents. The whole programme was conducted by Sri Santosh Dube Sir, Sanskrit teacher of VKV   Umrangso.  In the Second-half the Utsarga Samaroh was done with the students of Class-X who are going   out of the school after their final examination. Two guest from out-side were present to bless our students.   One of them is Sri Sunil Kanti Baruah, president of Retd. Railway Employee Association Badarpur and the   other is Sri Prahlad Chandra Roy, Retd. Railway employee and also Sri Bijan Saha Sir R.A.O. , VKSPV was   also present.