Tuesday 14 February 2023

Matri Puja Celebration at VKV Borojalenga

While observing the tradition of respecting mother and father the first teachers, Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Borojalenga performed Matri Puja and Utsarga Samaroh for the students of class X appearing board examination for the session 2022 23. 

The occasion is unique in itself as all the students of Class X pay respect and obeisance to their mother and father at school by washing their feet and by offering Puja. They recollect the efforts taken by mother since childhood to bring them up and they take a vow to remain committed to the family, society and nation through some vedic chantings.  They seek blessings by touching feet of all the teachers and their parents. Utsarga samaroh is an attempt to make the students realise their future obligation towards their motherland  and to prepare themselves in the best possible ways to be the abled citizen of the country. The students lit lamp in their name dedicating their services for the society which symbolisies their bright and shining future

Total 25 of 27 students were present with their parents on this pious occasion.