Thursday 6 June 2024

VKV Sissiborgaon Celebrate World Environment Day with Student Activities and Tree Planting

Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya (VKV) Sissiborgaon, in partnership with Silapathar College, Silapathar, hosted a series of engaging events to commemorate World Environment Day. The day focused on raising awareness about pressing environmental issues and inspiring action among students and the community.

A variety of activities were organized to cater to different age groups and interests:

  1. Drawing Competition: Students from classes II to V participated in a pencil sketch competition, choosing from themes such as land restoration, desertification, or drought resilience. This encouraged young learners to explore their creativity while contemplating the challenges facing our environment.
  2. Poster Making Competition: Classes VI and VII students showcased their innovative ideas to save the environment through a poster-making competition. The winning posters were then distributed throughout the community to spread awareness and inspire action.
  3. Plantation Program: To contribute directly to a greener future, a tree planting initiative was conducted on the school grounds. Students and faculty members actively participated in this hands-on activity, reinforcing the importance of trees in maintaining ecological balance and combating climate change.

The collaborative effort between VKV Sissiborgaon and Silapathar College brought together educational institutions and highlighted their commitment to fostering environmental consciousness. By engaging students in creative and practical activities, the event aimed to instill a sense of responsibility and empower them to become stewards of the planet.

"We are thrilled with the enthusiastic participation from our students and the support from Silapathar College," said by the Principal of VKV Sissiborgaon. "World Environment Day serves as a reminder of the urgent need for collective action to address environmental issues. We believe that nurturing a love for nature and encouraging sustainable practices among young learners is crucial for building a better tomorrow."

The World Environment Day celebrations at VKV Sissiborgaon not only enriched students' understanding of environmental challenges but also inspired them to become active agents of change. The school and college remain dedicated to incorporating environmental education into their curriculum and promoting sustainable practices in the community.

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