Saturday, 31 December 2011

Workshop On Office Administration 2011

Streamlining School Office

1st workshop: 31st December 2011 to 2nd January 2012 at VKV Nalbari; Participants: 18 Office Assistants, Clerks and Accountants.

2nd workshop: 20th & 21st January 2O12 at VKV Tinsukia; Participants: 26 Principals, Accountants & VKSPV officials.

3rd workshop: 21st-23rd January 2012 at VKV Tinsukia; Participants: 18 Office Assistants, Clerks and Store-keepers. These efficiency building workshops were conducted on office procedure and administration with Sri P.S. Murthy as the Resource Person. A few areas such as central store, maintenance of office records, accounts etc. were dealt with in the workshops.

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Monday, 19 December 2011

Maha Bhaskara Shastra Vijnan Pradarshani 2011

 17th-19th December 2011; VKV Itanagar; Participants : 122; Models exhibited: 61.

VKSPV & VKVAPT jointly organised Maha Bhaskara Shastra Vijnan Pradarshani (Science Exhibition) 2011 in two phases. The models selected through school level competitions were the exhibits in the inter-VKV Science Exhibition at VKV Itanagar. it is worth mentioning that all the VKVs of the North-Eastern India sent their best working models to this exhibition. A galaxy of eminent personalities including the Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh attended the inaugural function on 17th December besides a huge number of well-wishers & parents.

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Saturday, 17 December 2011

Internal Monitoring and Mentoring 2011

Sharing for growth of Vidyalayas.

15th-17th December 2011 at VKV (NEC) Baragolai

VKSPV initiated its first ever internal monitoring and mentoring programme with a view to sharing the human and infrastructural resources amongst the Vidyalayas under its fold to facilitate their harmonious growth. Two teams of senior teachers including Principals under the guidance of Su.M.S. Lalita, Joint Secretary VKSPV visited the two Vidyalayas and observed as well as assessed various areas of importance such as morning and afternoon assemblies, Scholastic and co-scholastic classes, students' notebooks and diaries, all types of attendance registers, teachers' lesson plan diaries etc. Subsequently, best of the Vidyalayas' practices were shared by the teachers while receiving valuable suggestions for the improvement of the Vidyalaya's Scholastic and co-scholastic activities.

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Saturday, 22 October 2011

Nibandha Lekhan Spardha 2011

To encourage children to write length

22nd October 2011 at respective VKVs: participants: student of class VI of all VKVs of Assam and Nagaland.

The competition was held in junior and senior categories separately with the following themes: 'Youth and Swami Vivekananda' or 'Road Accidents' for Juniors (VI-VIII); 'Swami Vivekananda's Lectures from Colombo to Almora' or Corruption-An Impediment in the Growth and Development of the Nation' for Seniors (IX-XII) with 2 or 3 sub-topics (announced on the spot) in each category to choose from Apart from VKVs the competition was conducted for some other Vidyalayas too in November 2011.

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Sunday, 2 October 2011

Visit by Renowned Scientist 2011

 15th September to 2nd October 2011

Dr.T.G.K. Murthy, former Director of ISRO and currently Scientific Adviser to Govt. of India.

Visited 6 VKVs, 8 colleges and 2 universities and interacted with students, teachers and parents in separate sessions. He deliberated on the following topics "swami vivekananda An Intuitive scientist" and, "India,s Journey into Space".

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Monday, 5 September 2011

Information Technology Workshop 2011

Impressing on technical know-how, building customized school websites

First workshop: 1st-5th september 2011 at VKV  Dibrugarh; Participants: 8 teachers & 8 students from 7 vKVs;

second workshop: 14th-16th February 2011. at vKV (NEEPco) Bokuloni; participants: 7 teachers and 18 students of 8 VKVs The two workshops were conducted for a few interested and capable teachers and students with a view to initiating an IT Forum at each of our Vidyalayas that can shoulder the responsibility of developing and maintaining the school websites and deal with other IT related matters of the Vidyalayas. Sri Hardik Mehta was the Resource person in both the workshops. These IT workshops have been particularly instrumental in motivating and guiding the students and the teachers in launching tailor-made school websites in the last couple of years. The following 8 websites have come into being since the initiation of these workshops: VKV Tinsukia, VKV Dibrugarh, VKV Golaghat, VKV (NEEPCO) Umrangso, VKV (NEC) Baragolai, VKSPV (the office website), and of late VKV (NEEPCO) Bokuloni and VKV (NEEPCO) Doyang. Besides, the IT Forum at VKV Tinsukia has become fully Operational with the necessary impetus from these workshops.

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Monday, 8 August 2011

Sangeet Karyashala and Padavali Abhyas Shibir 2011

Infusing a taste for Indian Classicai Music

3rd-8th August 2011; VKV (NEEPCO) Bokuloni Participants: 31 teachers.

Sri Jayanta Chatteriee and four other members of the faculty of Bhismadev Memorial Trust of Kolkata were the resource persons. An Exhibition of Traditional Musical Instruments added an extra sheen to the workshop. Padavali Abhyas Shibir impressed upon bringing uniformity of tunes to the padavali songs.

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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Shaikshanik Paribhraman August 2011


Offering an Enriching Scientific Environment to selected students,

Date: 18th July-4th August 2011; Destination: Pune Travellers: 72 (students, teachers, officials & parents)

The team attended a workshop on electronics, interacted with a few scientists and visited Simhaghad Fort.

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Sunday, 24 July 2011

Regular Activities of The Vidyalayas During The Year 2011

Guru Purnima, Sadhana Divas and Gita Jayanti were observed at all the 18 VKVs under VKSPV with the average attendance of over 8000. Universal Brotherhood Day and Samartha Bharat Parva were observed at Vivekananda Vidyalaya Jirikindeng as well apart from all the VKVs. Average attendance in these two programmes was over 15000. The other regular activities were Yoga Varga and Yoga Satra at two places (38 participants), Samskar Varga at 2 places (50 participants), Students' Camps of all types at 16 places (1178 participants), Anandalayas at 7 places (250 participants) and training programmes for teachers and others at 10 places (269 participants).

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Samskar Varga Prashikshan Shibir July 2011

 Fostering leadershiP in the Young

1st-5th July 2011; VKV Dibrugarh; Participants: 133; Organising team members: 30

SVPS is organized annually to orient selected students of class VIII of different VKVs with leadership potential towards nation building tasks. This time around, lecture sessions, Yoga, games, group discussion etc. were conducted to this end.

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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Extension Programme June 2011

 25th-29th April 2011 at VKV Golaghat, 6th-10th June 2011 at VKV Tingrai and 13th -16th June 2011 at VKV Dibrugarh.

Participants: 155 (120 VKVians & 35 Others)

Educating youths about basic technology, rural economy and entrepreneurship,,

6 youths from Moran were sent to a 3-month training camp on Introduction to Basic Technology (IBT) at Vijnan Ashram, Pune. After successful completion of the training, they conducted three workshop at Golaghat, Tingrai and Dibrugarh. Besides a cow-based rural economy programme was conducted at Moran from 12th to 16th March 2010 by a team of resource persons from Shantikunj, Haridwar. After the workshop VKSPV sent 3 youths to Shantikunj for a training in rural technology.

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Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Students Achievements in Academics


Success of VKVians in academic pursuits has been always appreciable. Following are a few representative statistics:

A total of 22 students under VKSPV set-up passed AISSE-2011 with CGPA 10 (i.e. Grade A1 in all the subjects); 7 from VKV Nalba ri, 4 each from VKV (NEEPCO) Bokuloni and VKV Golaghat,

3 from VKV Dibrugarh, 2 from VKV (NEEpco) umrangso and 1 each from VKV (NEC) Baragolai and VKV Dhemaji.

VKV Dibrugarh has been honoured with the Best Performance Award for its brilliant performance in lnternational Olympiad of Mathematics 2010 and also for its meticulous planning and execution of the Olympiad that was organised by the Mathematics Olympiad Foundation. Two students of the vidyalaya received a gold and a silver medal. VKV (NEEPCO) Bokuloni: Kr. Deepjyoti Gogoi (VI) secured above 80% score in the Talent Search Examination and received cash award.

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Thursday, 12 May 2011

Extension may 2011

Special Efforts for Sampark with Society at VKVs

A few VKVs have made efforts to reach out to society through various programmes. A few are mentioned below.

VKV Tingrai: Science Workshop (subject: Health & Home; participants: 15 local youths; resource person: Sri Gajen Pait, a teacher from Moran), Free Medical Camp (under the aegis of National Rural Health Mission, Dibrugarh District; Beneficiaries: 150; medicines distributed free of cost) and Free Residential Schooling (5 children of 5 very poor families from Moran adopted; they are staying in the school hostel receiving free education, food and accommodation). VKVs at Majuli, Tinsukia and Kajalgaon also have adopted such children in a similar fashion.

VKV Nalbari: Non-residential Personolity Development Camp (conducted by students of VKV Nalbari at Basudev School; participants: students of classes VIII & IX of Basudev School; 12th May 2011). VKV Sivasagar: Eye Screening Programme (organized jointly by VKV Sivasagar & Netra Jyoti Eye Hospital, Sivasagar; resource persons: Dr.B.C. Saikia & Dr.S.K. Choudhary; 1st July 2011).

VKV (NEEPCO) Doyang: Translation of Raksha Bandhan Message in Lotha dialect (printed and distributed the message on Raksha Bandhan among the local people) & Quiz (theme: "Know lndia"; participants: CISF personnel on Independence Day & Jawans of Assam Rifles on Raksha Bandhan). VKV at Baragolai (NEC) and Tingrai t Anandalaya Activities Monitored (Baragolai: 3 Anandalayas; 125 children; Tingrai: 1 Anandalaya; 40 children).

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Friday, 15 April 2011

Soft Subject Training 2011

 Year-long co-curricular Programme

10 Vidyalayas; Total beneficiaries 2611
Aiming at emotional development with soft skills,,
Training in soft subjects is going on in 10 VKVs at Tinsukia (Vocal, Kathak, Satriya, Tabla, Guitar, Synthesizer, Mandolin, Weaving & Karate) , Dibrugarh (Khol, Guitar, Sitar, Tabla, Satriya & Vocal), Umrangso (Karate), Bokuloni (Vocal, Fine Arts & Tabla), Assam University Campus (Silchar) (Fine Arts, Kathak & Karate), Baragolai (Satriya, Tabla & Vocal), Doyang (Nagaland) (Tabla, Violin, Vocal & Arts), Ramnagar (Silchar) (Fine Arts Vocal, Kathak, Tabla & Karate), Badarpur (Tabla, Kathak, Rabindra Nritya, Vocal & Fine Arts) and Tingrai (Vocal, Tabla, & Fine Arts). it is believed that this type of training not only trains up students in honing their skills in various performing and aesthetic art forms, but also develops their emotional intelligence considered much valuable in any academic or professional career in particular and life in general.

Saturday, 9 April 2011

Acharya Prashikshan Shibirs April 2011

Towards effective implementation of CCE in primary classes

1st camp: 7th-9th APril 2011 at VKV Tinsukia; Participants:85

2nd camp: 10th-12th June 2011 at VKV Ramnagar (Silchar); Participants: 35

3rd camp: 24th-26th June 2011 at VKV (NEEPCO) Bokuloni; Participants: 30

The camps were organised especially for the primary teachers for the effective implementation of CCE as per the guidelines of CBSE. The camps were conducted as per the following scheme: 1st Camp: for VKVs at Tinsukia, Dibrugarh, Tingrai and Sivasagar; 2nd camp: for VKVs at Umrangso (NEEPCO), Ramnagar (silchar), AUC Silchar and Badarpur; and 3rd camp: for VKVs at Baragolai (NEC), Bokuloni (NEEPCO), Tezpur and a few other Vidyalayas supported by VKSPV.

A few experienced and senior VKV teachers were the resource persons in these camps. 

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Monday, 4 April 2011

Teachers Orientation Camp April 2011


1st camp: 1st-4th April, 2011; 3 more camps: April-May 2011

participants: over 200 teachers of vKvs & other schools

Towards effective implementation of CCE

4 Teachers' Orientation Camps (TOC) were held at VKV Tinsukia in the period reviewed. The first TOC was meant for the teachers dealing with middle and secondary classes in VKVs. 112 teachers with 14 members of the organising team participated in the Shibir. 3 senior faculties from Cheeranjeev Bharati School, Gurgaon Ms. Shukla Das (PGT, Maths), Ms. Shailini Jerath (PGT, History) and Ms. Anju Badhwar (TGT, Social Science) were invited as resource persons. The focus of this Shibir was on proper planning for effective execution of the educational reforms brought in by CBSE through implementation of continuous and comprehensive Evaluation (CCE). The other Teachers' Orientation Camps held at VKV Tinsukia mainly focused on educating and orienting the teachers dealing with the Primary Classes towards the CCE scheme. VKV Tinsukia was chosen as the venue for these camps as the Vidyalaya has made significant progress in implementing the CCE scheme in the Primary Section so far.

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Thursday, 10 March 2011

Support to North East Academy Holy Island and Tipong English Academy

session 2010-11 (till March 2011) saw three more non-VKV institutions in VKSPV fold

Assistance to ideologically homogeneous educational institutions
VKSPV has started extending necessary academic and administrative support to three schools at chapakhowa (sadiya, Tinsukia), Garmur (Majuli, Jorhat) and Tipong (Margherita, Tinsukia). Some teachers and students of these schools have participating in various training as well as other common programmes of VKSPV at various locations.

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Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Information Technology Workshop Feb 2011

8th -13th August at Dibrugarh; 18th -23rd February 2011 at Tinsukia

participants: 11(VKV Dibrugarh); 15(VKV Tinsukia)

Ever updating the technical know-how to strengthen the Vidyalayas,,,

To update the knowledge of web technology and open source softwares the 3rd & 4th IT. workshops were organized for the interested teachers and students during the academic year at VKV Dibrugarh and VKV Tinsukia respectively. so far six websites (the website of VKSPV, Tezpur and the rest of all the 5 Higher secondary vidyalayas under VKSPV) have been launched.

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Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Gayatrimantra Chanting During Samartha Bharat Parva 2011

25th December 2010, 12th January 2011 at 18 VKVs

Participants: More than 8000 students and others

The Maha Gayatrimantra was chanted 8,00,000 times in total by the students, teachers, parents and other well-wishers i.e. all the stakeholders of the VKVs during the celebration period of Samartha Bharat Parva (besides other programmes). Leaflets explaining the meaning and significance of the Mahamantra were freely distributed among the stakeholders during the observance..