Sunday, 5 November 2017

Invitation for Vivekananda Krida Mahotsav- 2017

Respected all,

You are cordially invited to attend Vivekananda Krida Mahotsav - 2017 to be organised by VKSPV, Guwahati from 11 to 16 November 2017 at Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya(NEC) Baragolai and Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya, Tingrai. The invitation card for the same is in attachment.

More than 800 students from 20 Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalayas in Assam and Nagaland will participate in this Sports Meet. 

Your presence will surely encourage our student- participants & teachers.

With regards and prayers,

Suvan Sett
VKSPV, Guwahati

Friday, 3 November 2017

Power Point Presentation / Wall Magazine Competitions on Sister Nivedita

Seven group of students participated in the power point competition on 3rd Nov'17 in the auspicious occasion of  Sister Nivedita's 15th Birth Anniversary.

Swamiji Awakens Nivedita

Power Point Presentation By Adarsha Bidya Niketan

Monday, 30 October 2017

8th Vivekananda Krida Mahotsava- 2017

Man Making – Nation Building

(H. Q. Kanyakumari)
S. C. Goswami Road, Near Sukreswar Temple, Panbazar, Guwahati-781001
Telephone No: 88110-21692, E-mail: [email protected], Website:

Ref. No. VKSPV/2017-18/47                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Yugabda 5119
                                                                            Aashvin Shukla -05                                                                                                                                                          25th September 2017                                                                                                          

The Principal
Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya

Respected Didi/Sir,
Saprem Namaskar.

Your school must have already geared up to put up a good show at the 8th Vivekananda Krida Mahotsav (VKM). I am sure that you are preparing your contingent well for both sporting events as well as the march-past to be held during the inaugural ceremony. For smooth and effective conduct of the VKM, you are requested to go through the information furnished in this letter very carefully and do the needful.

Venues: i) VKV (NEC) Baragolai for Outdoor games             (Kho-Kho, Kabaddi & Athletics)

ii) Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya,Tingrai for Indoor games (Badminton, Chess & Table Tennis)

Date:              11th to 16th November 2017
Reporting:      9th November 2017 (by 4.00 p.m.)

Inaugural ceremony:           11th November 2017
Valedictory Ceremony: 16th November 2017 ( after 3.00 p.m.)

The valedictory programme will be over on 16th November 2017 by 7.00 p.m. Schools which are interested to start their return journey on the same day from VKV(NEC) Baragolai should plan accordingly and intimate the same to the Principal, VKV(NEC) Baragolai, VKV Tingrai & Sri Digesh Nath, RAO-VKSPV & VKM-2017 Pramukh by 20th of October 2017.

The following events will be conducted in the 8th Vivekananda Krida Mahotsava 2017:


100 meters 100 meters
200 meters 200 meters
800 meters 800 meters
4X 100 meters Relay 4X100 meters Relay
Long jump Long jump
Shot put (4kg) Shot put (3kg)

                                                    Outdoor Games

Kho-Kho Kho-Kho
Kabaddi ---

                                                      Indoor Games

Table Tennis Table Tennis
Chess Chess
Badminton Badminton

Expecting necessary cooperation for smooth conduct of the Mahotsava,

Sincerely Yours
Rebati Devi
Jt. Secretary, VKSPV- Guwahati

Friday, 27 October 2017

Geeta Jnana Yagna


The Principal


As you aware that Geeta Jnana Yagna will be organised at school level as given in the VKSPV Annual Calendar (30 November)2017-18. The 17th chapter of Bhagavad Geeta has been selected for this year.

Already recording of 17th chapter send to all the vidyalayas so that everybody can chant in same tune. Slokas have been  prescribed for different groups are as follows :

Group A  (KG to II)  Slokas 1 to 6

Group B  (III to VI )  Slokas 1 to 12

Group C  (VII to X)   Slokas 1 to 28

You can make 4 members group (suppose in each section 9 or 10 groups) and first class wise competition and lastly on Geeta Jayanti Day final competition can be conducted (Individual competition also will be there.)
Please try to see that maximum number of students participated in it.From now on wards in the Assembly you can start practice so that everybody can learn chanting slokas. Our Sanskrit teacher should take initiative in this matter.

Sincerely yours,

R. N. Pathak
Office In-charge

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Workshop on House Keeping Management.

We are very much delighted to review the 3 days training programme on House Keeping Management held at VKV-Sivasagar, Assam from 12/Oct/2017 to 14/Oct/2017 with the initiatives of Vivekananda Kendra and it's wing VKSPV, with a total participants of 26 karyakartas of 8 different schools including Guwahati Kendra workers. The participants schools were namely, VKV-Dibrugarh (Host), VKV-Tingrai, VKV-Golaghat, VKV-Tinsukia, VKV-Sivasagar, VKV-Dhemaji, VKV-Majuli, VKV-Sadiya. The main attraction of the camp was Kimaya Didi who came all the way to Dibrugarh from Belgaum, Karnataka to impart the training's with utmost care & coordination to make the camp a successful one. Both the practical as well as theory based training on the topic was being imparted to all of us. The camp was attended by the most of the senior personnel's from the Vkendra as an organizing body as a whole. Among-st them were 1) Shri Ravindranath Savdeykar 2) Meera Didi 3) Pranami Didi 3) Shri Kamalakant'ji and many more.

The camp was inaugurated by Meera Didi with a short speech and self introduction by the participants to all.All the participants were divided into 5 groups, namely Yudhistira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula & Sahadeva. There was a brief introduction from the Vkendra's Senior dignitaries including Pranami Didi also.
The first session of the training was started at 3 pm after lunch. A camera shot details page of the camp agenda is enclosed herewith for your kind references.The camp started every morning at 5.15 am with Pratasmarana & Kendra's Prarthana followed by Bhajans and Suryapranam, yoga etc.

In the evening we had a bhajan sandhya everyday.We were also acquainted with the Sanskara Varga from Dibrugarh, who presented a couple of bhajans very beautifully. Many bhajans were also presented by Anita Didi, Viren Da and a few Karyakartas in the Bhajan Sandhya session. Meera Didi on 13/Oct/2017 taught us the the basic things of Kendra Prarthana, AkyaMantra and others & lead us to follow those with proper pronunciation and chanting with sincerity.

On 13/Oct/2017, Shri Kamalakant'ji presented a brief insight on house  keeping and discussed the sole motto of "Man making & Nation building" as Vkendra's main objective to adhere with.On the same day Shri Kalyan Das'ji (Associate Director-VKIC) discussed the valuable side of the house keeping as a part of our day to day life in front of all of us.

The camp was concluded on 14/Oct/2017 at 11 am. On the concluding day Smt. Pranami Didi took the lead in concluding session and welcomed two of the participants Shri Ratikant'ji from VKV-Tinsukia & Shri Kanchan Upadhaya, a hindi teacher of VKV-Dhemaji to share their fruitful experiences as a feedback of the camp. We were fortunate enough to have Dr.Kunjalata Didi (Dibrugarh Nagar Sangathak) as our respected guest & speaker, who elaborated us the beauty of cleanliness & house keeping as a part of nature and livelihood as a whole. It was a worthy noting her simple speeches which touched our heart and mind for retention. The session was finally concluded with a beautiful presentation of speeches by Kimaya Didi, the guest trainer of the House Keeping Camp.
This camp was a very satisfactory and beneficial for all of us.
Being participants we could learn the following things individually from the workshop in both theory and practical pertaining to workability & its adherences......
1) Maintenances of Toilet, Bathrooms, Urinal, etc.
2) Maintenances & Management of Kitchens, Stores, Mess, Cooking and Purchases.
3) Cleanliness & Maintenance of school campus, household or any establishment as a whole.
4) Office environment and cleanliness.
5) Receiving & welcoming guests, maintenance of guest rooms and hospitality.
6) Repairing, renovation, constructions, maintenance and follow up of the school and its campus.
Such type of workshops on house keeping awareness camps are really very beneficial for the society and household as a whole and a need of the time.The house keeping management is a vast subject. It is very easy to think about, but very tuft and difficult to render it and adhered to in consistent manner.In my opinion, cleanliness is deeply rooted in the nature of an individual and blessed are those who accomplish it consistently.

Nibandha Likhan Spardha (Essay Writing Competition) - 2017

The Principal
Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalaya

Sub: Nibandha Lekhan Spardha (Essay Writing Competition) & power point presentation.
Dear Sir/ Didi
This year the Nibandha Lekhan Spardha (NLS) is scheduled for 28th October 2011. For this year,s NLS the sub-themes for Junior level are given under two main themes i.e. sister Nivedita and Swachhata (Cleanliness)
The sub{themes / topics of the Nibandha Lekhan Spardha-2017 for junior group (Class-Vl to Vlll) are as follows:
1. Sister Nivedita and Swami Vivekananda
2. Bhagini Nivedita for uplift of Women
3' A clean school environment - a step toward clean India(swachha Vidyalaya : swachha Bharat)
4. My Role in keeping my school environs clean
The NLS provides opportunity to VKVians to develop reading, writing and thinking skills, which play a vital role in shaping a rounded personality. The skills may be assessed and awarded subject enrichment activity in languages.
1' one has to write on any one of the above mentioned topics/sub themes within 5oo-750 words.
2. Duration: t hour 30 minutes preferably from 9 to 10.30 am.
3' Foolscap ruled papers with school seal should be distributed among students for writing on the spot.
4' Students should be asked to use blue ball pens to write the essays. They should mention their name, class, school and topic on the front page. They should start writing the essay from the second page. Both sides of papers should be used for writing.
5' AII the papers should be collected at the end of the competition.
6' The essay papers are to be checked by a few teachers/ Principal/ vice principal and marks are to be awarded as per the following criteria:
Particulars/ Areas Marks
Content(Relevance,Originality & Clarity of India 20,Correctness of Language 10 Style and Phraseology 10,Persuasiveness and message 10
Total Marks 50
7' T'he best three essays adjudged on the basis of the marks awarded should be sent to VKSPV Guwahati so that they reach the office on or before 30 November 2017. The name and signature of each elevator and marks by the student should be clearly mentioned on the front page of the essay booklets.
8.' From the top essays received from the schools, VKSPV will evaluate and award the winners. The selected articles may be published in some journals.
Power Point presentation for senior Group
This year for senior group students (class lx & above) presentation on the following it'ems in commemoration of the
Theme: Sister Nivedita's contribution to our Motherland'
Sub Themes:
1.. Personalities inspired by Bhagani Nivedita
2. Sister Nivedita's Tyag & Seva
3. Sister Nivedita and Swami Vivekananda
4. Bhagini Nivedita for uplift of Women
5. lndian freedom movement and Sister Nivedita
6. Nivedita on Education.
This will be a two phase competition. First phase: school level' second phase: VKSPV level'
Rules :-
A maximum of 3 sub themes can be taken.
Language: English.
Phase -l 
Strength of the team : 4/5 members
Maximum slides : 15, Duration of Presentation: 6 minute & 2 minute for interactation.
Schools can decide if the mode of the compression should be intra class followed by inter class or it should
be only inter class. school will appreciate the winners of the first phase. The phase -l of the competition to
be completed on or before 28 October 2017'
Phase -ll
School will find its own methodology of selecting these two students from the winning team'

Each team in the final round will submit a write up of the presentation they are going to make' Concerned
teacher/s-in-charge will ensure the participation of all students of the eligible classes in the competition'
The date and venue for Phase-II competition will be intimated to the schools in due course'
This is to be declared to the students and displayed in the notice board as soon as it is received in
the school.
Wishing you all a very Happy Diwali and Kali Puja,
Sincerely Yours
RN Pathak
Office In-Charge
VKSPV Guwahati

Friday, 1 September 2017

Ganit Prajna Samvardhan (GPS)-2017


Ganit Prajna Samvardhan (GPS)-2017 an appreciation and exposure program for Promoting Mathematics Learning was organized for the achievers of Ganit Prajna Pariksha (GPP)-2017 at Vivekananda Kendra Institute of Culture (VKIC) , Uzan Bazar, Guwahati on 1st, 2nd and 3rd September, 2017. 66 students (43 boys and 23 girls) and 26 teachers from 20 Vivekananda Kendra Vidyalayas in Assam and Nagaland participated actively. Each day started with Vedic chanting at 5:45 am followed by Yoga abhyas.

On the first day i.e. on 1st September the students were taken to IIT Guwahati for various sessions and interactions with IIT faculties. Dr. Sidananda Sarma, Dept. of Physics, IIT Guwahati informed the students about the various courses offered by IIT Guwahati. He also informed the students regarding how to get into it. He took a session where he along with Sri Aditya Kalita, a member of IITG demonstrated some experiments on Physics using very simple materials available around us.



 Another session on Mathematics was taken by Dr. Srinivasan Krishnaswami of IITG dept. of EEE. Dr. Harsh Chaturvedi, Deptt. of Centre for Energy took a session on ‘Mathematics on Nature’.

 The students enjoyed a lot when they were shown different experiments in the Chemistry Department by Sri Diganta Heera and Sri Shyamal Madal(lab assistant) under the guidance of Dr. Sumana Dutta of Chemistry dept. The huge central library providing an environment for research created an impression in the hearts of every student and teacher .

On 2nd and 3rd Sept all programs were held at Vivekananda Kendra Institute of Culture, Guwahati.
Two sessions one each conducted by Dr. Dibyojyoti Manhattan. Dean, KKHOU, Guwahati and Sri Dinesh Kr. Lahoti, founder of EDUGINIE Institute, Guwahati. Both the sessions were dynamic & joyful, concept based, related with real life situation.

Students in small teams too presented their project work on various concepts of Maths with the support of ppt. which were appreciated by the observers specially Sri Jnanjyoti Sarmah, Vice Principal, R.G. Deurah College, Guwahati. A presentation with the help of ppt. on Indian Mathematicians was kept.

8 teachers also took model classes for the students and rest of the teachers. A panel discussion among teachers was held on Ganit Prajna Pariksha its process & preparation. Dr. Hemanta Sarma, Deptt. of Mathematics, Guwahati University and Dr. Dibyajyoti Mahanta were also present in the same. A open session for students and teachers were kept separately on GPP & GPS for removing their doubts & difficulties.

In the Public Programme on 2nd September 2017 which was organized to appreciate the achievers ceremonially was attended by a good number of intellectuals & academicians. Dr. H.K. Baruah, Vice Chancellor, Bodoland University, Kokrajhar was the Chief Guest in the same, Prof. K.D. Krori, Former Principal, Cotton College, Guwahati was specially felicitated for his contribution to the society as an academician & administrator. Smt Hironmoyee Devi was also honored for her contribution to the society. In the beginning Su Meera Kulkarni, Prant Sangathak, Vivekananda Kendra Kanyakumari, Assam Prant delivered the welcome address in which she stressed the purpose of the GPP & GPS as to remove the Math’s phobia from the minds of the children, identifying talents in Maths and giving them exposure to move ahead.

A book ‘Question Bank for class VIII’ for appearing GPP was released in the programme. The second edition of Question Bank for class VI & VII were also published during the period. The achievers were felicitated with mementos & certificates. The first three rank holders in GPP -2017, Class VI were given memento of Kusum – Laxmikant Nimgaonkar Annual award and to that of class VII were given Rati Kanta Sarma Annual Award for Proficiency in Maths. Sri R. N. Pathak, Office In-charge, VKSPV formally proposed the vote of thanks.

Dr Ramchandra Deka, Former Vice Principal, Pragjyotish College, Guwahati and Sri Pravin Dabholkar, Jt. Gen. Secy, VK Knyakumaari motivated the students in the valedictory session.

Wednesday, 21 June 2017

IT Workshop held at Silchar VKV

IT Workshop held at Silchar VKV

IT workshop held at Vivekanandas Kendra Vidyalaya, Dibrugarh, Assam from 27 to 29th June 2017 under the aegis of Vivekananda Kendra Shiksha Prasar Vibhag, an Educational Project of Vivekananda Kendra, Kanyakumari.